About DragonLee Designs, LLC

DragonLee Designs, LLC has been in business since 2001. We are a full-service web design, consulting, graphic design, database development and photographic service company. We are small, lean and mean and we are here to help you FIRE UP your business!

Why YOU should choose DragonLee Designs, LLC

  1. We love what we do and that comes out in all of our projects!
  2. We follow industry standards and guidelines including:
    • Graphic Artists Guild Pricing & Ethical Guidelines.
    • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
    • Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  3. Our personal and work lives conform to these American Society of Mechanical Engineers Core Values:
    • Embrace integrity and ethical conduct.
    • Embrace diversity and respect the dignity and culture of all people.
    • Nurture and treasure the environment and our natural and man-made resources.
  4. We have many years experience working in, with and for: private industry; federal, state and local governments; and with small, medium and large contracts.
  5. We research and use the latest technologies to ensure that your business, service or product is competitive with others.
  6. Our prices are very reasonable.
  7. Our first consultation with YOU is FREE.
  8. We strive to make YOU happy with our services.

Education and Experience

Rebecca England is owner and founder of DragonLee Designs, LLC. She is the principal web and computer technologist, graphic designer and photographer. Rebecca’s background in engineering prepared her for the business world with skills in project management, ingenuity, fiscal responsibility and quality control. Her education and experience (over 10 years) in Web Technology and Digital Productions Methods gave her hard technical skills and allowed her creativity to flourish in the graphic and print world.

Rebecca has the following degrees and certificates:

  • AS – Web Technology, Central New Mexico Community College (CNM)
  • Certificate – Digital Production Methods, CNM
  • AS – Drafting Technology, CNM
  • BS – Mechanical Engineering, New Mexico State University (NMSU)
  • MS – Mechanical Engineering, NMSU
  • Plus a few more skills and certifications!

As you can see, Rebecca is a polymath! She loves to learn and share her skills.

DragonLee Designs, LLC also employs the best graphic artists; computer programmers; web programmers; photographers; technical writers; map makers and other skilled personnel, as each project requires.

Albuquerque, NM based Website Design: DragonLee Designs, LLC

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