Green Walls/ Landscapes/Spatial Design

1. LivingScapes/Green Walls

a. LivingScape IV

b. LivingScape VI at EPA

c. LivingScape VII in Fargo

2. Fashions- Lawn/Suburbia Series

a. Lawn Suburbia Series

3. Interior Greenery/Design

a. Moss Green- 2 photos

b. Pivot, Rotation 1- 1 sketch, 2 photos

4. Exterior Design with alternative materials and ephemeral/ shorter term

a. Flight of the Golden Cranes

b. Blue Tree

c. Braided Corn Rows

d. Sugarland

e. Rose Hill

f. Sea of Fertility

g. Ducks in the Desert

h. NSEW Soundscapes

5. Landscape Narratives with Plant Materials/ Longer Term

a. Pivot, Rotation 3

b. Weaving LivingScapes

c. Alameda Design

d. Nature’s Soul Rising

e. Wind Design

f. English Cottage Garden

g. Interaction and Socialization

h. Water Corner

i. Painter’s Outdoor Scene

j. Spiraling Staircase of Plants

k. California Tropical

l. Bamboo Illustrations

m. Xeriscape meets the railroad

n. California Zen

o. ESF Entry Sign

Edible Structures/Edible Sculptures

1. Projects from Television Specials/Appearances

a. Wrapped Christmas Tree

b. Scenes on the Seri

c. Chocolate Martini

d. Perfect Ten

e. Inferno

2. Fashions- Chocolate and Frosted

a. Inferno

b. Chocolate Martini

c. Perfect Ten

d. Superhero

e. Firefighters

f. Frosted Fashion Show

g. Grand Piano Harp, Cape

3. Large Scale Edible Landscape

a. Sugarland

b. TPL walkways, Streaming Names-

c. Downtown Abacus at Sunset

d. Recalling Spring, Jelly Belly

e. Flurries at Visitation Valley

f. Pleasanton years 1-3-

g. SugarCoat (Philadelphia)

h. Skapades

i. Time and Again

j. Confectionary Wall, Studio Z

k. Marin Halloween

4. Medium Scale Edible Structures

a. Cologne Cathedral

b. Guillerioz and NM Symphony Orchestra

c. NM Symphony Violin

d. Tides of Time

e. Spiraling Double Helix

f. Lawn

g. Gummied Gourds

h. Boxes

i. Chocolate Cube

j. Roses

k. Coco

l. Breast for Cancer Benefit

m. Ribbon Dancer

n. Slaying the Jabberwocky

o. The Sky in Falling Down

p. Warping Easter

q. Chessboard

r. Inliquid Benefit House

s. Chocolate Christmas Tree

t. Tumbling Boxes

u. 9 Layer Card House

v. Wedding Cake Series

5. Small Scale Edible Structures

a. Hearts

b. Penguin Bill

c. Strawberries-

d. Patisserie C flowers

e. Confectionary Sushi

f. Luminarios

g. Chocolate Cookies

6. Edible Events

a. Red Hat Society

b. Jelly Belly Mural

c. Visitation Valley

d. Pleasanton years 1-3

e. CUE Workshop

f. Art Feast 2002

g. Art Feast 2003

h. Art Feast 2004

i. Art Feast 2005

j. Art Feast 2007

k. with Greg Angelo at Monery

l. Dance Piece

m. Frost Fashion Show

n. Fiery Food Show

o. NYC Chocolate Show

p. Habitot

q. Firefighters

C. Resume/ Bio/ Upcoming Events/ Press

1. Project Resume

a. Project Resume

2. Press Resume

a. Press Resume

3. Artist Statement/Bio

a. Statement

b. Bio

4. Upcoming Events

a. NYC Chocolate Show 2008

b. Solo Gallery Show

c. Canada Snow Sculpture- February 2009

d. Conferences

e. Festival Du Voyageur

f. One Point Bridge

5. Press-Videos

Flaming Cake

Ceral Bridges


6. Press- Print Stories

Forum Political/Opinion Cartoon

Alley Performance

Capturing the Sounds of the City

U.S. Greenbuild Council- New Mexico

Fringe Festival

Collection of Magazine and Newspaper Articles



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