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Are you a creator? Have you produced a movie, written some songs, taken exquisite photographs, created beautiful furniture, designed gorgeous jewelry, crafted the great American novel, own a retail store, or have a desire to sell online through an ecommerce website? Then Albuquerque based DragonLee Designs, LLC is your choice for a web designer for your ecommerce website!

Your product or products should feature prominently on your home page. You want to let people surfing the net for products similar to yours know immediately that you do carry the product and give the potential buyer a way to quickly and easily buy your products. This may be done with effective sales pitches and with visual aids, such as product photographs, audio or video clips, or snippets of good press or copy from a written product. You want the buyer to be truly convinced that you have the best product or products and they cannot live without it.

The product or products detail pages should be clearly illustrated and detailed. Product information on your ecommerce website should convey enough information about the product that the buyer chooses to immediately purchase the item or inspires enough interest for the buyer to reach out and contact you, the seller, with their questions.

Shopping carts and selling options vary depending upon the type of products being sold, the number of products being sold, the size and type of the business selling the products, and upon the type of clients desired. DragonLee Designs, LLC will populate your ecommerce website with your products and teach you how to add to and manage your inventory and online sales.

Whether you have a single item for sale or thousands, we can create the best, most economic, scalable and responsive ecommerce website for your business to grow.

  • We have solutions to meet your budget.
  • Your website will fully integrate into your social networking sites.
  • We can create an online social media presence for you.
  • Increase your conversion rates with your custom ecommerce site.


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